The Bunyawat Witthayalai School English Program is a demanding three-year program in which students receive over 70% of their coursework taught in English by foreign instructors in a modern, international setting. In addition to improving their English at an accelerated pace, students will also gain a greater insight into foreign cultures and customs.

Starting at Matayom 1, EP students embark on a journey that is both challenging and rewarding as they learn English, Math, Science, Computers, and Physical Education in English. Students, who often begin the school year shy and afraid to speak English, rapidly adjust to their new environment as they improve and gain confidence in their English skills.

The program is a great opportunity for the teachers as well. They have adapted and developed new and innovative methods to teach concepts that are rarely taught to non-native speakers in a foreign language. Moreover, the improvement of the students in the program is measureable by the Programs' successes in various English-based competitions in Lampang and throughout all of Thailand.

An immersive English environment like this may not be desirable for some students, but for those students with an interest in rapidly improving their English proficiency and a desire to push beyond where the general educational system can take them, the English Program is the answer.